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Animals Starting With J – Most Interesting Animals

Animals Starting With J – Most Interesting Animals

Wondering to find the name of animals that start from J? You are come to your destination, below we’ve given the list of animal names start with the letter J along with their picture and interesting facts.

Appearland.com compiled a list from various sources and presenting to you.

So what animals start with J name? Let’s take a look.

Alphabetical List of Animals That Start With Letter J

List of Animal That Start With J

  1. Jellyfish
  2. Jack Mackerel
  3. Jumping Spider
  4. Jacky Winter
  5. Jaeger
  6. Juniper Vole
  7. Jambu Fruit Dove
  8. John Dory
  9. Japanese Macaque
  10. Jabiru
  11. Jamaican Becard
  12. Junco
  13. Jaguarundi
  14. Jungle Cat
  15. Jackrabbit
  16. Jaguar
  17. Jacamar
  18. Jacana
  19. Jack Russell
  20. Jumping Mouse
  21. Jackal
  22. Jerboa
  23. Jackdaw
  24. Jay

Animals that Starts with J | Facts with Pictures

Jumping Spider: The jumping spider is an arachnid that is found in Central and South America, and is probably the most bizarre looking spider on the planet. Males grow to be about 1 inch long and females reach around 1/4 inch in length.

Jaeger: Also known as a wolverine, is a small, carnivorous animal with thick fur, a long tail, and sharp claws. The animal is closely related to weasels, martens, and ferrets, and is a member of the Mustelidae family.

Jacana: Jacana is a small African bird with a striking white patch on its throat. The species is classified in the pittas due to its similarities with the parrot species.

Jaguar: Jaguar is a very rare animal that lives in the dry regions of Africa and Asia. It was designated as a vulnerable species in 1993. The jaguar is the largest cat in the Americas. It has a stocky build and is reddish orange in color.


So, on the earth, we are seeing different animals every day but we don’t know their names and that’s usual to all; that is the reason we were given a separate list above for animals that starts with the letter J.

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