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50+ Animals that Start with H

50+ Animals that Start with H

In our surprising world, we have seen lots of animals but what you will do to know about some unknown animals that start with H letter? You can appreciate appearland.com which comes with an interesting list of animals that start with the letter H. Some animals you know but don’t ever see and some of the animals you know but you lack at their most interesting facts.

So what animals start with H? Let’s take a look.

Animals Starting with H

List of animals that Start with the Letter H

  1. Hermit Crab
  2. House Martin
  3. Highland Cattle
  4. Hedgehog
  5. Hissing Cockroach
  6. Horned Puffin
  7. Hyena
  8. Harbor Seal
  9. Hippopotamus
  10. Honey Badger
  11. Hyrax
  12. Harpy Eagle
  13. Hawk
  14. Humboldt Penguin
  15. Hornet
  16. House Wren
  17. Horseshoe Crab
  18. Horned Frog
  19. Hoopoe
  20. Hamster
  21. Harbor Porpoise
  22. Horn Shark
  23. Hummingbird
  24. Hartebeest
  25. House Finch
  26. Horse
  27. Hare
  28. Harrier Hawk
  29. Hagfish
  30. Havanese
  31. Honeyeater
  32. Hellbender
  33. Hawaiian Crow
  34. Hornbill
  35. Humphead Wrasse
  36. Herring Gull
  37. Hamerkop Bird
  38. Heron
  39. Hoverfly
  40. Hake
  41. Howler Monkey
  42. Hoopoe Bird
  43. House Mouse
  44. Harp Seal
  45. Hazel Dormouse
  46. Hercules Beetle
  47. Huntsman Spider
  48. House Sparrow
  49. Hoatzin
  50. Honey Bee

Sea Animals That Start With H

We have given the list of five Sea animals below along with their amazing facts.

1. Hammerhead Shark: Hammerhead Shark, also known as the Great Hammerhead Shark, is a large species of shark, growing up to eight meters in length. Hammerhead Sharks are endangered, as commercial fishing has depleted their numbers.

2. Humpback Whale: The Humpback Whale is often referred to as the clown of the ocean, as it’s a large sea mammal that’s a lot of fun to watch. The male humpback whales have spectacularly shaped dorsal fins and unique head fins, and when they’re in mating season, the males have very colorful markings that make them very attractive to females.

3. Herring: Herring is part of the herring family, which consists of three very distinct types of fish: sardines, anchovies and herring. Herring is the smallest of the three and is also known as the forage fish, which means it eats almost anything it can catch. They range from silver-gray to brown and are slimy, hence the name.

4. Halibut: Halibut is a type of fish that is native to the cold waters of the North Pacific, Atlantic, and Arctic Oceans.

5. Haddock: The Humpback Whale is the world’s largest creature, and they are known to be one of the most social and playful of whales.

P.S :  We are still working on the extension of the above list by finding more animals that begin from the letter H.



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