What is whaling in Cyber Security? [Examples & Prevention]

Whaling – a highly targeted cyber attack that focuses on individuals in top positions, such as CEOs, CFOs, or other executives, who are often referred to as “whales” due to their significance within the organization. Whaling attacks aim to deceive and manipulate these

Leveraging Social Media APIs to Enhance Your Digital Marketing Strategies

Social media APIs are transforming the way businesses use digital marketing strategies to reach their target audience. Data365.com is a powerful platform that enables companies to take full advantage of these APIs, allowing them to collect data from multiple social networks. Companies can

The problems with traditional access control systems and how to fix them

As security professionals, we are always looking for ways to improve the security of our systems. One area that should be considered is access control. Traditional access control systems are vulnerable to attacks and can be easily circumvented. This article will discuss the

5 Best Image Compressors Available Online

Images captured through advanced high-definition cameras often come with large file sizes that are difficult to store, send, or upload on websites. As a result, people often face the problem of a shortage of storage space because of this issue. Additionally, suppose you

10 Things You Can Do on a Computer to Pass the Time

So, you have got some ‘me time’ after a long working weekend, and you are finding ways to utilize it efficiently. In this situation, you might be running out of ideas and wondering what you should do to kill time. If you are

10 Simple Tips New Computer Users Should Memorize

If you are a new computer user, you must be looking for some helpful tips that can make your work easier. No matter whether you are using macOS or Windows, a desktop or a laptop, most of these suggestions will work efficiently on

9 Photo Editing Software You Must Know

Editing photos is one of the most common tasks people need to do with their digital photos. Whether you’re just trying to make them look nicer or you want to create a photo album, there are a few photo editing software that you

4 Event Marketing Tips to Give Your Brand More Exposure

Marketing events can be a great way to create more awareness about your product. Most companies design events surrounding their brand identity. It could be a seminar or a guest speaker talk. As your logo and tagline encompass your brand image, so do

How to Get Free Robux for Playing Roblox Games – Ultimate Guide

The gaming platform provides the necessary tools that will allow the players to design games. Many unique features are also present that will help the player in tailoring the game design to his own needs. So, it is quite popular among children and

How Do I Fix the Black Screen on OBS Windows?

We all are quite aware of open broadcaster software or OBS for computers. It is open-source software that allows users to stream and recording programs on a computer. It is compatible with windows Linux Mac and all the other operating systems. But sometimes,