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What is Snowflake Test? – 15+ Sample Questions Given

What is Snowflake Test? – 15+ Sample Questions Given

These days, the topic is a hot topic, as it is in the news, on the internet, and on television and radio. It seems as if employers, CEOs, and pretty much everyone else are attempting to differentiate between entitled millennials and those who are ready to work. Individuals who are entitled to their own way are called “snowflakes.” Snowflakes get offended and angry when they don’t get their way. Those who bring nothing but their entitled attitudes and arguments without supporting evidence are unsubstantiated.

People who are ignorant, oversensitive, easily offended, entitled and spoiled, as well as those who are easily offended, stand to lose employment opportunities. To succeed, they must be able to hold fast to their liberal views without allowing them to obstruct their progress.

Prepare for The Snowflake Test?

It’s all too easy to assume, however, that individuals who get offended will file a discrimination lawsuit as soon as possible. Mr. Reyes, the CEO of Silent Partner Marketing, believes that the snowflake test is simply a personality test, and that employers have a right to know and choose who they hire. There have been mixed reactions to the snowflake test so far. Others find the questions irrelevant, while others find the questions relevant.

In fact, the questions may seem intrusive, immoral, and illegal.

We list some of the main snowflake questions below so that you can get a sense of this type of test.

Examples of Snowflake Questions

Below are some examples to get an idea of snowflake questions

  1. What is the most appropriate minimum wage?
  2. In addition to the benefits required by law, should a company offer other benefits?
  3. When should raises be given to employees?
  4. Which side are you on when it comes to guns?
  5. Is it acceptable for a client or employee to carry a gun?
  6. When was the last time you cried? Is it time to cry again?
  7. “Which of these drinks is your favorite?”?
  8. In terms of the future workforce, what is your opinion about the current college environment?
  9. What is the best method of communicating with clients?
  10. In your free time, what are your favorite activities?
  11. What do you do when confronted by bullies?
  12. How would you describe faith in your own words?
  13. What is your connection to America?
  14. How would you define privilege for yourself?
  15. What did you do when you were initially rejected for your ideas?
  16. What is a typical breakfast for you?
  17. How would you respond if a co-worker proposes an idea you don’t agree with?
  18. How does the 1st Amendment impact your life?

Answering some questions is easier than answering others. You might not know exactly what is expected of you when you’re asked questions like “what is your faith like?”. And you might not know why you’re being asked questions like “what is your typical breakfast like?”. Hope all snowflakes find employment soon!

I am happy to announce the completion of your mission, Reyes! You have implemented a hiring policy to crack down on discrimination and inclusion in the workplace. The sane candidates will not leave your organization just because they don’t agree with you, but because their employment shouldn’t be contingent on such views.

Granted, Reyes explains that Silent Partner works “very closely” with many police departments, so you should feel comfortable and willing to support the men and women who serve and protect. But who doesn’t support the police? According to Reyes, questioning some police practices is the same as supporting the police.

However, while Reyes is likely right in asserting that “there is no discrimination at play here,” he is mistaken in asserting that “this is nothing more than a glorified personality test.” This is because there is nothing glorified about tests.

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