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Advantages and Disadvantages of Joint Family

Advantages and Disadvantages of Joint Family

The joint family system almost prevailed in every part of the country, and there is no doubt people are following it with all the enthusiasm. But there are certain advantages and disadvantages related to it. Here in this read, we will be going present the same list for you so that you can understand whether it is a good option to live in a joint family or not. Along with it, we will help you to get familiar with the nuclear family as well.

What Are the Advantages of Nuclear Family and Joint Family?

Advantages of a Joint Family

Your child will never feel lonely for sure.

  • The art of sharing will be learnt by everyone.
  • The happiness gets a boost.
  • Education takes part beyond books and helps in maintaining life more effortlessly.
  • A person will be able to adjust to surroundings whenever required.
  • Love and care will get a boost.
  • Everyone have any idea how to cope with the situation going on and how to deal with all the obstacles.

Advantages of a Nuclear Family

  • There will be an encouragement in education.
  • Financial stability will be there.
  • Equal opportunities for both partners.
  • Be able to change are major.
  • Health benefits are there.
  • Communications will get a boost.
  • There will be stability related to the point of view.
  • Chances of unnecessary clashes almost negligible with other family members.
  • Kids can easily have access to opportunities and things available without any sharing.

advantages of nuclear family and joint family

How Do You Stay at a Joint Family?

The major question of concern is how do you stay with a joint family. But there is a simple solution that it is essential for a person to listen to everything happening around. If a person is getting panic easily and not listening to what others are saying when it will be difficult for them to adjust. This is the first step a person needs to take that they are respecting each and everything happening around them and paying attention to what others are saying.

In case they are not listening to others or just putting their opinion as the priority, this will going to mess up things and adjustment will have a zero grade. If you are living in a joint family, it is essential for you to understand what others are doing and what is their condition. If you can’t understand the condition of another person, you are just pretending to be very ruthless and people will not going to pay attention to your things as well.

How Do Joint Family Is Raised Children?

For children having an upbringing in a joint family is a privilege because they will get habitual to adjust in the surroundings where everyone is around. For example, if you are working women and have a thought about how your child will be able to adjust behind your back, there is nothing for you to worry about. His uncle and your grandparents are there to support him. Also, some families have kids as well, where children get the nourishment to the core and get familiar with everyone.

It is quite astonishing to know that kids living in a joint family are quite adjusting and they easily copper with the situation. The only disadvantage of living in a joint family is that you need to share things with others, and your child may sometimes feel inferior, but apart from it, there is no disadvantage of living there.

It is also essential that you are taking care of your kid as a parent because there might be a chance some trouble is arising behind your back, and he is not able to share the same with anyone. Therefore have a good conversation with your child so that he can share his experiences about the family with you, and you can also keep track of activities in which he is involving.

In some families, the scenario is being, so that uncle and aunt are not so much focused on your child or not paying attention to his needs. At that moment, you need a good conversation with your child to understand.

types of joint family

What Are the Different Types of the Joint Family?

In total, there are three types of joint family is there. These are as follows:-

Filial joint family

This is the type of family where parents and their married son are living with their offspring only.

Fraternal joint family

In this type of family to married brothers and their children living together.

Filial and fraternal

In a filial and fraternal joint family, parents along with married children, their spouses, and children are living together in the same house.

Here we have come to an end and discuss the things related to joint family. If you are also part of a joint family, it is a privilege to you and enjoys every colour of it.

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