How To View Steam Purchase History? Complete Guide

What is Steam Purchase History?

The Steam history is an excellent overview of all your Steam purchases. When you pay for a game in a current scenario, but the game does not show in your collection, you must have proof of acquisition. You may access the Steam purchase email or press on the game in the history and screenshot the acquisition details. Steam history may be used as proof of purchase.

Steam is an online game digital distribution website or platform created by Valve. It offers its applicants the latest features like video streaming, digital rights management, social networking services, and many more. You may choose each one to see more information about them, while acquisitions made in the last three weeks are eligible for repayment if you fulfill the requirements.

How To View Steam Purchase History?

1. First of all, open the preferred web browser on your computer or laptop and enter the official website link that is

2. Then, you have to log in to your Steam account by mentioning the login details such as email ID and password, and more.

3. Now, on the top right corner of your home page of Steam, you have to press on your profile.

4. After that, press the ‘Account Details’ button from the options that seem on your computer screen.


5. Now, you will see the wallet or transaction details on your computer screen—afterward, press on the “View Steam Purchase History” option.

6. It will navigate you to the next page; a list will show on your screen with all your acquisition or transaction details—you many access it to measure every acquisition you make on Steam via your account.

View Steam Purchase History

With the help of the above-provided steps, you can easily watch the purchase history of Steam.

Why Is Steam History Beneficial?

The feature offers you a complete view of your purchases or transactions and gives you the flexibility to solve your queries. Also, the user-friendly and simple interface and availability of the latest features make it more beneficial. Your acquisition will have five sections, Type, Date, Items, Total, and Wallet. In the Date section, you will get the accurate data or date of your purchases.

Generally, purchase history in steam is a great method and a great addition, and now it is simpler to monitor all your Steam transactions and payments. Now purchase history may arise in handy whenever something goes wrong on Steam. If you display your purchase via this, you can even ask for repayment, ask for a slip or receipt, complain about overpriced pricing, or more.

What You Can Find in Steam Purchase History Section?

Date Section: It displays the exact time and date of the transaction or purchase. The part is precious and useful because it permits you to get the correct dates of your money and sales.

Item Section: Occasionally, people wish to review their earlier acquisition, which assists them in clearing their confusion. Though it may not be obvious, you may know it very well.

Type Section: It comprises the data about your incomes and expenses on Steam. Generally, you will view the total amount received or lost and the modifications made to your Steam Wallet.

Complete Amount: At the end, you will get the entire amount section to know the amount of money you have achieved or lost.

Your Changes: In this section, you will see all the changes you have done in your steam wallet.

Reasons Of Missing Game From Steam Transaction History

Occasionally when you use your account on the history, you may search some of your latest games missing from Steam Transaction History. Using the steam view purchase history, you can easily find the reasons for the missing game.

Old Versions: As we know that, the 2006 edition from Human Head Studios and 2K Games were silently deleted from Steam a couple of years ago. Though you can still play the game, you will no longer purchase it on Steam anymore.

Originators Abusing Steamworks Techniques: Many of the withdrawn games are associated with a solo Russian creator or Dagestan Technology working under many different names. So, they will not show in Steam’s history.

It Includes Sexual Content: For example, an Early Access game, the House Party, instantly became famous before being abruptly deleted from the Steam store. It was because of the complaints of pornography in the game being shipped to Valve.

A Remastered Version has deleted it: After replacing the new version of the game, it does not mean it will not show on your Steam library, but after the remaster seems you can access the old version will not be able to buy.

Final Verdict

Steam is a complete platform that offers a massive variety and amount of content to people. Steam is an appropriate and well-known platform for purchasing and selling games. The Steam sends an email whenever you buy or sell any game, and it is not convenient to monitor all these emails, particularly older ones, so you have to use the steam history section.

It displays your membership, the fund sources you access, tournament sign-up, and more. Steam creates it simple to go via your past purchases to see when you bought content on Steam, what you paid for it, and what content you bought. The amount of content on Steam is virtually infinite, causing many people to spend much money on the platform. You may view your steam purchase history with only a few hits.

The platform comprises some great features, unique and exclusive offers, and automatic game updates. You may also see your trades, friends’ activity feeds, your record, broadcasts, uploaded content, and messages.

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