How to Skip Edgenuity Videos Using Very Easy Methods?

Edgenuity is an online learning platform that offers students a linear model of preparation when it comes to online preparatory materials. It has been utilised by many colleges, universities, and high schools in the United States as a supplement for their curricula. This platform helps students with their school work.

It offers a variety of services and content for students such as course outlines, essay questions, research guides, and much more. Let’s have a look at the required skills to use and how to skip Edgenuity videos below.

What Skills Are Needed to Use Edgenuity?

Edgenuity is a platform that provides students with standardized questions and quizzes, as well as tutoring sessions to help them prepare for their exams. Edgenuity is available in the form of a website and mobile app.

The skills needed to use the Edgenuity are speaking, listening, reading comprehension, writing, and mathematical skills. If a student doesn’t have these skills then they can use tutoring sessions to help them build these foundations. The tutors are familiar with the material so even if a student comes in with no background knowledge at all they will be able to get up-to-speed on what it takes for them to succeed.

Why Can’t You Skip the Videos in Edgenuity?

There are so many reasons due to which you cannot skip the videos on it. But some possible reasons which interfere with it include:-

  • Commercial purpose is the primary reason behind it because some videos are paid for.
  • This is adding to revenues and the company is getting benefits from the same.

How to Skip Videos in Edgenuity – Methods

Well, when you are looking forward to skipping the videos, there will be no trouble in doing that. You just need to be sure how to do that. Here we are sharing the best methods for doing the same. These are:-

1. Using the note tricks to skip the videos

The formula to skip the video is easy with the help of a note trick. the steps are as follows:

  • At the very first, open notes
  • After opening the notes, write something on it.
  • After writing something on it, hit outside of the text box
  • Pressing backspace on your keyboard does not erase anything.
  • This trick makes it easy for you to find the next video to watch.
  • Choose a video to watch from our selection of hundreds of popular videos.

2. Skip videos in Edgenuity by speeding up the lecture using the chrome

Edgenuity is a website that provides online courses for children, but the classes are so long and drawn out that some students struggle to stay interested. One solution that many students have found is downloading an extension of the controller that controls the speed. The controller has helped save hours of time, but it’s not just for those struggling with Edgenuity’s classes.

Even though Edgenuity students offer a variety of classes, some of which last for hours and others for days, the classes have very different lengths. Some extensions are available to speed up the gameplay and they can be found through our in-app store.

With the use of this controller, you can slow down, speed up, or go back anywhere in your Edgenuity course. That way, you don’t have to worry about any unexpected crashes from the flash player.

First, you have to add the speed controller extension in your chrome.

  1. Move to the URL setting.
  2. Look out for the option to Disable the html5 video for the Edgenuity video
  3. Add https://r17.core.learn.edgenuity.com/ in the block list.
  4. After adding it to the blocked list, you will see the appearance of the number on the left side of the lecture.
  5. The video player works best in full speed. If it becomes stuck while playing, try clicking “rewind” then re-playing to skip ahead. it is totally on you how much setting you wish to apply and how you want to utilize the same.

4. Use the Pause Section to Make It Work

Edgenuity has a system that ensures the user stays focused for a duration and enables them to use the site efficiently. To get started with the service, all you have to do is ask. It even provides complete pre-sets with topics that match your current level of knowledge/interest. As we have discussed, Edgenuity has a ‘stay-present’ system which means students stay attentive and do not distract themselves by getting distracted by other things such as texting or internet surfing.

What you can do to avoid any concern about the ‘time spent threshold’ is by pausing the video until it has been consumed for a pre-determined amount of time. It is easy to pause the video for when it is not going on and to continue later. You don’t need to even give it a second thought, just use the interface and you can stop whenever you want.

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Here we have shared the best possible ways that can help you to skip the Edgenuity videos easily. But make sure whenever you are adapting such steps these are viable to use. Also, some third party applications are available helpful for you to do the same. if you wish to take the help from the third party applications the same can also be done.

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